How we can help you 

We help by looking after many people with varying needs from the most simplistic of care and support needs to basic housekeeping chores. To managing complex care care needs that enable someone to strive towards living a better quality of life.

We listen to you 

At times, you just need a good listening ear, we are here for you. Should there ever arise a complaint, please feel free to download our complaint procedure below for more information & action. 

We help manage your medicaton 

We can assist with prompting you to take your medication, help to order your medication or just help ensure that all is running smoothly. 

Food & Meals

Spoil yourself with a cooked breakfast sometime and if possible! We are here to assist. All staff have food Hygiene Training and can cater for most basic meals and snacks. Or we can assist you with ordering your ready made meals. 

Befriending and Companionship, Buddying

A day out, a shared game or quite chat or a singalong to a familiar tune can help go a long way. Spend time with someone who can cheer you up and take you places. We can facilitate that for you

Keep in touch with your Community

There is always plenty of activities out and about and at day centres. We can help you get there and be  apart of it all. 

Personal Care

We offer efficient continuous personal care plans in the event a client's needs ongoing assisted care. 

We take time to understand each care profile to provide the best tailored experience. 

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