Our Values

The values underpinning our philosophy and practices in domiciliary care services are aimed at providing you with a friendly, caring service where you are listened to and feel valued.  We pride ourselves in having a caring, open and responsive approach where you will feel respected as an individual, with your needs being met in our delivery of quality services.

We are committed to:

Our care ethos is around:

  • Providing you with quality care that is person-centered
  • Upholding your rights - Ensure that you are treated with dignity and respect, safeguarding your legal and general human rights
  • Respecting your cultural and religious belief
  • Maintaining your Independence, Choice and Consent in all matters
  • Maintaining your confidentiality
  • Ensure that the services we provide you with are safe, and are free from exploitation, neglect and abuse

We subscribe to the CQC ethos of providing service that is 

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Compassionate and
  • Well Led


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